Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Changes in Music Technology as Instructed By Line 6

From the early days of Tom Morello, down to the days of Jimi Hendrix, musicians and guitarists have always been looking for innovative ways to enhance their sounds with a variety of amplifiers and sound effects.
Line 6, one of the most prolific companies in recent history, changed the fortunes of the music industry with its digital modelling guitars, amplifiers, and other musical equipment. The company is, in fact, the pioneer of guitar amp modelling.
Some of the most popular Line 6 products include electric, bass, acoustic, and guitar amplifiers. With the release of Variax, Line 6 audio was able to convert all the pundits that doubted that anything good could come out of guitar amplification and modelling.
With its subsequent Variax products, Line 6 has been able to redefine the cherished guitar classics; it has also paid homage to the finest guitarists of all time. The company has various types of acoustic and electric guitars that offer limitless possibilities with various models like Gibson, Fender, Martin, and Guild.
Another very popular product released by Line 6 is the kidney-bean shaped ‘POD’, which has completely changed the way guitarists record their sounds. With its success, came other series with improvements including active user communities, and software that allows the downloading and sharing of patches or device settings.