Sunday, June 18, 2017

3 Reasons Learning Guitar Is Different To Learning Other Instruments

The guitar has always been a popular instrument to learn for a variety of reasons. It’s relatively cheap to buy, it has a fairly steep learning curve and the music you’re probably listening to features a lot of guitar work that you can learn from. Learning the guitar is different from learning other instruments and the experience is unique in a number of ways. This article will discuss just a few of them.

People Are Able To Learn By Watching Others


While there’s no doubt that taking lessons with a guitar teacher is going to give you the best chance of learning how to play the guitar well, there are a great many guitarists out there that initially learnt just by watching other people play. A lot of this has to do with the visual nature of guitar playing and our psychological response to it. Many people remember chords by the way they look, for instance, the position of the hand and the fingers when they are played. This enables people to pick up a few chords relatively quickly just by observing others and apply what they have seen.

Your Favourite Songs Only Have A Few Chords

Another reason for playing the guitar is so popular and is often considered different to other instruments is the fact that with just a few chords, you can play a huge number of songs from some well-known artists. In fact, with just a G-chord, C-chord and D-chord under your belt, chances are you can play along to the large majority of rock and country songs. Add another couple of chords and you can play almost anything.

This makes learning guitar more rewarding earlier compared to some other instruments, which require that you develop and refine your skills before you are able to really get something out of it and see your progress.

The Perfect Campfire Instrument


One of the big reasons learning and playing the guitar is so appealing is the fact that it’s practical compared to most other instruments. It’s pretty easy to transport and take with you wherever you go, and requires little to no set up if you want to play. This makes it a great instrument to play in a group setting just about anywhere and it’s great to sing along to, as the music the guitar more often than not produces the foundation for the main melody. The guitar is the perfect addition to a camping trip or just a hangout with friends for this reason.

If you’re looking to take lessons at some point, it’s worthwhile picking up a guitar at some point and trying your hand at it first. There are plenty of affordable guitar options down at Guitar Paradise that are worth checking out. Go to our website or just pop into our Richmond store today.