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How to Find the Perfect Guitar Amp for Your Needs

It is often said that there are three things that make up a guitarists sound that defines them; the player, the Guitar and the guitar amp. With these three items being a bone of contention throughout the history of recorded music, as guitarists look to replicate a Hendrix or Knopfler sound that they can enjoy and further make their own.

But playing the guitar is all about finding your own path to success and how you define the sounds that you create. With your playing style taking much of the credit, the guitar you use will also play a large role – but one of the most important aspects of your setup has to your guitar amp. From deep, rich tones of a jazz amp, to a triple super lead cranked to 11 – your amp will define your playing like no other!

Fender Guitar Amps

If you are looking for a classic twang of the American blues and rock, then you’ll find all that you need in the wide range of Fender amps available from the past and the present. From solid state starter combos to fully-fledged reissue valve amps, Fender has set the tone in the guitar amp world for many, many years.

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One of the best fender amps out there today has to be the ’65 Deluxe Reverb blackface edition. This amp has it all when it comes to tone, making the most of whatever guitar you plug into it – you will notice that distinct American sound that set the world alight back in the 60s. As a premium professional guitar amp, the cost is a little over a beginner’s budget, but for the players, the pros and the travelling guitarists, there doesn’t come much better than this pure valve tone monster!

If you are looking for a starter amp with a lot of value for money, then maybe one of the Fender Champion amps is right for you. Featuring several models with different combo speaker arrangements, the Fender Champion 40 is a great way to get into the tone of Fender amps. As one of the most popular guitar amps, Melbourne music shops sell, the Champion 40 is one of the most versatile amps on the market, with a number of voices and effects that will allow you to tune your tone to perfection every time!

Laney Guitar Amps

Laney has been in the business since the mid-sixties and has enjoyed playing a huge part in the metal genre of music. Built for guitarists and bassists, Laney specialises in giving an alternative tone for musicians to play with. Laney features a number of different amp combinations, including amp heads, cabinets, combos and rackmount systems for the ultimate in versatility.
One of the most popular series of Laney amps has to be the VC series and in particular the VC15-110. This 15-watt combo has all of the rich, warm blues tones you could imagine in a single box, as well as featuring multi-channels with equalisation options to boot. This ‘Class A’ all valve head is perfect for blues with a bite and brings out an amazing sonic performance when fully cranked!

Image Source: laney.co.uk

Marshall Guitar Amps

As one of the most famous guitar amps in the world, Marshall is known for its range of tone, versatility, high-quality manufacture and dependability. It is little wonder why so many choose a small Marshall combo as their first guitar amp, as well as the classic full stack for stadium rocking sounds!

Marshall has a range of vintage series amps that include all valve construction, as well as being made to the exacting specifications of the original units. The Marshall MG series of solid state amps that are built for great tone at great prices, including the Marshall MG30CFX which features a 30watt combo amp, multiple channels and a fluid and brilliant equaliser panel. Being one of the fastest selling guitars amps Melbourne shops stock, get in there fast to reserve your new amp!

If you want to upgrade to something a bit more modern, then the Marshall CODE series of amplifiers will be a perfect choice for the modern guitarist. Featuring amp modelling based on a rich history of Marshall amps, as well as Bluetooth functionality, the CODE series is a great way to get into digital home recording for the ultimate in versatility.

Whatever amp you choose to purchase next, don’t forget to purchase great quality oxygen-free cables for better quality, as well as test the amp with a range of guitars that suits your style. You’ll find Guitar Paradise offers help with the selection of your accessories, being the number one shop for guitar amps Melbourne wide. Choose the amp that best matches your mood, and goes for versatility if you want to enjoy the amp for many years to come!

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